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Special education

Students are enrolled into the Special Education Unit as a result of having a determined intellectual disability. We have five classes of students with an intellectual disability:

  • 3 IO classes (moderate)
  • 2 IM classes (mild)
  • 1 MC class (multi-category)

Programs are developed for each child in consultation between school staff, the parents and students. An individualised plan is then developed for each child.

Students are involved in inter-school soccer competitions, athletics and swimming carnivals as well asĀ  sport and social awareness programs.

Workplace Learning Program

The purpose of a Workplace Learning Program is to assist students to transition from school to working in the community post-school. It aims to guide students through a series of progressively more complex steps to maximize the chance of employment in the least restrictive environment post-school.

Successful participation in the workplace learning program depends on the support provided by school and the commitment of students and their parents or caregivers.

In-School Work Experience

In-school work experience is essential to establish the benchmarks for appropriate workplace behaviour, communication and social skills.

Work Crew

A crew of approximately 4 to 6 students from one school will build on the learning experiences of the In-School Work Experience Program. Generic work and social skills will be extended, as the students travel together with appropriate support staff, to work together at a site in the community.

Cross District Work Crew 'Enclave' Program

Upon successful completion of a Work Crew Program, students who have acquired the necessary skills, may move into the Cross District Work Crew/'Enclave' Program.

A crew of approximately 5 students from schools in the Sutherland and St. George Districts will travel independently to the selected Worksite. They will be supported by a teacher supplied by one of the participating schools.

A Standards of Work Performance Checklist will be completed on a daily basis for each participating student which will focus on Grooming/Hygiene, Time Management, Work Skills Behaviours, Communication and other General Skills.

These skills will have already been a focus of the previous work experience programs but will be further developed.

Independent Work Experience or Work Placement

Many students will develop the skills needed for participation in an Independent Work Experience. These are referred to as Work Placement if part of an Industry Curriculum Framework school or TAFE delivered VET course. Students travel to and from work independently at a work site with much lower levels of school monitoring.

Some students will be supervised by brief school staff visits to monitor progress while others may require the support of a job coach particularly in the initial stages. Students may be sampling a work area or adding to the skills needed for employment.

All students will be continuing to develop the generic work and social skills needed for employment.


Our aims are to achieve maximum successes for our students and to ensure excellent relations with the employers involved in the 'Enclave' program. Any possible exceptions to the above process should be negotiated with your Support Teacher Transition, at the planning meeting.

To ensure this success, there needs to be commitment to this preparation process, both from the family and from the school.