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Why Endeavour Sports High School?

Choosing a high school for your child can be quite difficult. Often, it is hard to identify the differences between one high school and the next. That is why at Endeavour we make it easy for you to see what sets us apart from other high schools in the Southern Sydney region.

'As a parent myself, I am extremely proud to be a part of Endeavour and I, together with all of the staff here, are committed to making a positive difference to each student’s life.'

James Kozlowski
Principal, Endeavour Sports High School
Vice President, NSW Sports High Schools Association

As a parent, you want a school that is committed to guiding and nurturing your child, and a school that is responsive to their unique interests and talents.  Ultimately you want a school that you can send your child to and, day by day, where you can see your son or daughter grow and develop into a confident and talented young person.

At Endeavour we take our responsibility for your child with the utmost dedication. You can be assured that your child is learning in an environment that is not only academically stimulating but also safe, supportive and welcoming.  Our primary commitment is to the care, wellbeing and growth of each individual student. This commitment is built on the foundations of strong student discipline, and complemented with effective pastoral support and curriculum enrichment programmes.

We actively encourage and inspire students to follow their passion and support them in realising their dreams in their life, and whatever career they may choose to pursue.

What sets us apart?

  • a culture of academic excellence. Our vast range of academic programmes, curriculum options and top class facilities provide students with an exceptional learning environment that motivates and supports each child to achieve their full potential across all areas of their education: from the classroom to the sporting field, and to any other co-curricular activity.
  • experienced, dedicated and professional teachers, Our teachers actively support families in the education of their child and guide students to achieve their personal, academic, sporting and extra curricula goals.
  • outstanding wellbeing and pastoral care programs. Our programs nurture and support each child in their social, emotional, spiritual and physical development.
  • a community in partnership. We pride ourselves on working in an open partnership with our community to deliver an outstanding education to all of our students.
  • a disciplined learning environment. We recognise that all students are different and we value them for their unique capacity to contribute to their school.
  • a balanced approach to teaching and learning. We prepare our students to be successful and happy, and develop a well-rounded outlook on life.
  • a world of opportunity. We challenge and inspire our students to pursue their passions and interests and to lead meaningful lives.

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