Endeavour Sports High School

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Parents and Citizens

ESHS P&C Meetings are held on Wednesdays of week 3 and week 8 each term at 6:30 pm in the school library.

P&C meetings provide a valuable opportunity for two way communication between parents/carers and the school executive. The Principal or one of the Deputies provides an update on the latest news and events at the school, and seeks input and feedback regarding relevant school matters. Parents and carers also have the opportunity to ask questions, provide suggestions, and decide how P&C funds should be best spent.

P&C funds come from the P&C contribution component of school fees invoiced at the beginning of each year. These funds are used to help pay for annual academic and sporting presentation events, to provide modest financial aid to students who compete at a national or international level, and to contribute to the ongoing improvement of school infrastructure. Some recent projects have included:

  • An upgrade of the canteen area basketball court
  • An upgrade of the school hall audio-visual equipment
  • Purchase of the large school hall fan

  • Construction of the deck outside the canteen
  • Installation of drink bottle stations.

P&C members also make up part of the interview panel for some new staff hires. As key stakeholders in the education of our children/wards, this is a great opportunity to ensure a parental/caregiver perspective is taken into consideration when choosing teachers.

2024 Office Bearers

President: Rachel Palermo

Secretary: Rebecca Abrook (email: bec_dan@outlook.com)

Treasurer: Melissa Bird

Vice President: Marea Getsios

Committee Members: Vanessa Gale and Carla Beheram